About Plenty Smiles

Providing bright and healthy smiles to last a lifetime

Plenty Smiles Dental Clinic, located in Bundoora, is at the forefront of implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventive dentistry, with a focus on providing high-value dental services. Our professional and expert team aims to deliver the best possible outcomes to each of our patients while providing a patient-centered package of benefits to enhance their quality of life.

Listening to peoples’ concerns, such as the inability to eat properly, speech problems, damaged self-esteem, progressive deterioration of their appearance, among other dental health issues; is important to our team. Those who have neglected their dental health in previous years and others who battle trying to fix their teeth dealing with not well-performed procedures or fast solutions; all of their stories have impacted Plenty Smiles. Our dental clinic takes pride in being present in the journey of people experiencing damaged dental health and helping them find a solution to recover confidence, joy, and trust in a dentist.

Jose and Manuel Bautista founded Plenty Smiles in 2011 with a clear statement to deliver high-quality dentistry and respond to the dissatisfaction of patients who were not 100% happy with the results that offered conventional solutions for missing teeth. Those were the issues Dr Manuel identified in previous experiences working in dentistry. Thus, he and his brother started Plenty Smiles aiming to offer what is the very best for their patients.

Meet Our Expert Dentists

Plenty Smiles has an expert and dynamic team of leading dentists who are passionate about their role in your dental care. Each is highly regarded and committed to the delivery of quality, unsurpassed service.

Dr Manuel Bautista

Our owner and principal dentist, Dr Manuel is passionate about dentistry and his patients and committed to achieving the very best results for them. A premier Bundoora dentist, Dr Manuel graduated from a Colombia dental school in 2005 with a vision to positively impact people’s lives – both in terms of their experience in his clinic as well as through their treatment outcomes.

As a business owner, Dr Manuel believes generosity of spirit is essential, and it is this principle which he applies to patient care and consideration of his patients’ needs. He works collaboratively, communicating with you to develop the perfect, tailored treatment plan to achieve the results you seek.

Dr Linda Duong

Dr Linda graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry and a Master of Dentistry at La Trobe University, where she excelled. She was awarded the Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence Award in 2015, as well as the prestigious Golden Key International Honour’s Society Award.

Dr Linda is highly skilled in restorative dentistry and her areas of interest include cosmetic dentistry and smile enhancement procedures. Active in the Australian Dental Association, she practices evidence-based dentistry and remains apprised of the latest research.

With a gentle manner and soft touch, Dr Linda is our preferred dentist by many sensitive or anxious patients. She is fluent in English and Vietnamese and she can also speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew.

Dr. Ana María Morillo

Dr. Ana is originally from Colombia. She graduated as a dentist in 2008, earning accolades and recognition for her dedication to the field. She focuses on restorative and cosmetic dentistry, striving to provide consistently exceptional care to each patient.

She believes that no two treatments or patients are the same and offers all options to achieve ideal results and the perfect smile for her patients. Ana is a member of the ADA and is committed to education, which helps her continuously update her professional knowledge.

Meet Our
Dedicated Team

At Plenty Smiles, you will always be welcomed with a smile!

Our dedicated team includes a number of experienced dental practitioners highly regarded in their respective positions and who are committed to delivering quality service in a caring environment.

3 female members of the staff at Plenty Smiles

Adriana Salazar

Dr Adriana, our Dental Hygienist, has done further training in All On Four implant periodontal disease and Implants Maintenance Certification. Many years of experience enable her to be an expert in hygiene.

She is in charge of patients with implants in their maintenance phase to help them keep on top of their oral health while providing advice to assure a long life of implants and prosthesis.

Our Values

Patient-Centric Oriented

Connecting with our patients needs and wants enables us to pursue our objective to make people feel good about themselves.

Present During Lifetime Journey

Becoming problem solvers and making patients feel heard is our first step to building healthy and long-lasting relationships with our patients, partners and team members.

Service as a Package of Benefits

That’s what we love to do. Deliver comprehensive dental care and positively influencing every interaction with our community.

A Trustworthy Dental Practice

Delivering an optimal response to people’s needs and not compromising on quality is our way to make our expertise matter to our patients.

Technology as a Great Ally

High-end processes and standards describe our performance. Technology is our ally to excel in our services.

Joy in Organisational Environment

The welfare of our team is the success of our business. Having a happy and friendly atmosphere makes “Plenty Smiles” the place that makes our visitors feel welcome.

Welcome to our Clinic

Our dental clinic in Bundoora, offers everything you need in one place.

Delivering a good experience each time you visit our practice is a key priority for us along with maintaining and restoring your smile.

State of The Art Technology
at Plenty Smiles

Your smile will be created 100% digitally-assisted which ensures maximum precision, with a high level of customisation

A digital workflow allows our dentists and hygienists to elevate the quality of their treatments and deliver patients an array of high-quality dental services. With the help of State of The Art Technology it is possible to give you:

  • Full mouth 3D-Scan, Digital Smile DSD, X-Rays.
  • High-quality materials and components, for long lasting duration.
  • Carefully crafted prosthesis, 100% digitally assisted.  

We partner with master dental technicians, ceramists and awarded dental labs with cutting-edge dental technologies, to improve our patients’ experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Digital Smiles Design (DSD):
With DSD technology, your desired smile is only a few minutes away. This master tool allows us to achieve precision in the customisation of your new teeth and giving the dentist and technicians a better knowledge of the design.

Rediscover Your Confidence with the help of Plenty Smiles

We are a vibrant, energetic and passionate team. Never compromising on quality and delivering a fantastic
experience for you is our number one priority. We cannot wait to welcome you to our practice!