7 steps you should not avoid when using clear aligners

So you have decided to invest your time and money into Invisalign, now it’s time to make the most of it. You have dedicated yourself to changing your smile but how can you ensure you get the best results possible?


Well Plenty Smiles has the top seven tips for ensuring you achieve your dream smile:


1. Wearing your Aligners 22 hours a day – This is a crucial element to your successful orthodontic treatment. The only time the aligners should be removed is to eat and brush your teeth. By doing this you eliminate the chance of extending your treatment time and you also help by speeding up the results.

2. Keeping your Aligners Clean – With wearing your invisaligners 22 hours a day you can imagine that the aligners will need cleaning at least once daily, if not more. Most orthodontists suggest warm water and antibacterial soap, however you will be advised as to what the dentist will want you to use. Much to the contrary, cleaning your aligners like you clean your teeth is the worst way to do it. It wears down the specific groves that are crucial for comfort and stability within your mouth.

3. Drink only water – As your Invisalign aligners are clear it’s very important to only drink water while they are in. Any other drinks such as coffee, tea or soft drink will stain the aligners while also wearing them down. This makes them very susceptible to breakages and chips.

4. Follow your checkup appointments – For you to see the optimal results with your aligners we need to ensure you are following the schedule outlined to you by your dentist. This means maintaining your regular visits and ensuring you abide by the instructions given to you.

5. Ensure the Aligners are stored correctlyInvisalign aligners are incredible as they are a very unnoticeable way of having orthodontic treatment. However this means that they can very easily be misplaced and unable to be found. It is important that you have a secure place for your aligners when you take them out. It is essential this place cannot damage the aligners as well as being kept away from pets and young children. The aligners will not work on your dog fluffy!

6. Ensure correct oral hygiene – As always it is very important that you maintain a high level of oral hygiene during the entire course of your treatment. Invisaligners are shaped to your teeth, which means that if bacteria or germs get trapped the tongue and saliva cannot break them down. If your oral hygiene is not taken care of, this can lead to decay or gum disease.

7. Make the most of your Invisalign journey – Most of all, make the most of this journey. You are doing an incredible thing by taking control of your smile. Wear those invisaligners with pride. Remember this is a short term endurance for a long time gain.







Plenty Smiles guarantees that if you follow these 7 steps, you will have your dream smile in no time.
If you are yet to start your Invisalign, let this article inspire you to have the dream smile you have always wanted. For any questions or queries regarding Invisalign or to book a consult, please call 9466 8103 or contact us here.
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