The benefits of All-on-four dental implants

Diverse research highlights the advantages of All-on-four dental implants. From people with partial tooth loss to patients with edentulism, this implant technology provides the best permanent replacement teeth along with a fast recovery.

All On four for chewing naturally

Chewing is one of the most common concerns among edentulous patients. How do you recover this natural function that is essential for the digestion process? In an article published on the website Dentistry IQ , Dr. John A. Hodges says that a patient with implant-supported 1 bridges can achieve 90% of chewing efficiency, unlike standard dentures that reach just 20% efficiency. All-on-four implants provide the confidence for chewing naturally.

This process helps the extraction of valuable nutrients from food, which allows for better digestion. Moreover, Dr. Hodges suggests that fixed dental implants can increase life expectancy by seven years.

With regards to prevention, permanent dental implants help the patient avoid gum disease particularly when gum disease is not the primary reason for tooth loss. Several experts say that fixed dental implants reduce the likelihood of developing the bacteria that causes periodontitis. Other benefits of this modern dental technique are pointed out by the Surgery & Case studies: Open Access Journal : it avoids complex surgery, is the least invasive procedure, 2 shows high rates of success, and ensures immediate function.

Enjoy a new smile in less time

This implant technology also reduces recovery time. Traditional dentures usually take between three to eight months of recovery.

Healing can be a matter of days with All-on-four implants due to their ability to fuse with the bone. This ensures stability for new implants from the beginning.

Plentysmiles is a leader in Melbourne in All-on-Four implants. The technology used at the Bundoora clinic allows patients to have a new set of teeth in a few hours.

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