Bio-dentistry Melbourne: Tooth Loss treatment in Harmony with General Health Care

It is a fact that oral health plays an important role in overall health. Bio-dentistry is the best way to treat tooth loss before it triggers additional health problems. Experts in this holistic approach are able to offer the safest and least toxic procedures to treat their patients.

Bio-dentistry involves all facets of dental practice. While prevention is a matter of constant exploration, restorative procedures are the main focus of development. The implants used with this technique are made of Zirconia, a free-metal implant that ensures biocompatibility. According to a review in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, the soft tissue shows a better response to zirconia implants and lower levels of cytotoxicity, than traditional metal implants.

In terms of fillings and dental amalgams, Bio-dentistry avoids the use of mercury. The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology cites silver-colored filling mercury levels at 45-55%. This material can cause diverse diseases such as tremors, impaired vision and hearing, and paralysis2.

Advantages of Zirconia implants

Dr. Karl Ulrich, a bio-dentistry authority, and mentor of Dr. Manuel Bautista, from Plentysmiles Melbourne, explains diverse features of zirconia implants: they keep gums around implants much healthier, help avoid nerve inflammation, and reduce the risk of tooth decay3. Zirconia implants also avoid the impact of chemical materials that can be harmful to the body.

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