Zirconia Dental Implants, an excellent alternative to assure biocompatibility and superior osseointegration

Do you have a missing tooth? Or have you been told you will require a dental implant? Well look no further, as not only does Plenty Smiles have extensive experience in dental implants we now offer an alternative option to regular implants. Zirconia, ceramic implants bring you the benefits of biodentistry.

What are Zirconia Dental Implants?

Zirconia dental implants are a type of implant that is made of ceramic. As they are a white color they are not visible through the placed crown. They are equally as strong as metal implants.

Where do Zirconia Implants Originate from?

Plenty Smiles uses Zirconia Implants that are originated from the Swiss Biohealth clinic that Dr Volz developed. These ceramic implants are made from zirconium oxide (also called zirconium oxide implants). The Swiss Biohealth clinics studies show that, after 10 years, 80 to 90 percent of Zirconia implants are still fully functional. However, as per any implants, their durability largely depends on how implants are cared for. Dr Manuel has also undergone the elite training with the clinic to be qualified to deliver this service to patients.

What is the process of Zirconia Implants?

Dr Manuel will create a treatment plan for you after your initial implant consultation. He will outline what appointments are required and he will describe the option of Zirconia or Titanium, for your implant. He will then book in the required appointments. You will have the tooth/ teeth extracted, followed by the implant being placed into the bone. You will then have a healing cap placed on the implant and allowed 4-6 month for the implant to heal. Then the final crown impression will be taken and the crown fitted.

Why Zirconia Implants?

There are many benefits to Zirconia Implants including:

    Zirconia implants have a biocompatible material that does not corrode over time

    No particles from corrosion are emitted into the body

    Suitable to patients who have metal allergies

    Zirconia Implants reduce the amount of plaque accumulation in the area

    Gums grow around the implant, which eliminates the chance for any bacteria that could enter into the blood circulation via the gums.

What does it feel like?

After the dental procedure takes place initially you will have some pain and discomfort. This usually lasts around 2-3 days and Dr Manuel will give you the correct post procedure instructions.

However once the implant has healed and the final crown has been placed the implant will feel like much like your other teeth.

You will feel confident in smiling with no pain or discomfort.

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