My dental work is going to cost how much?

So you have made the decision to have the necessary dental work for your health, but are worried about how it’s going break the bank? Let me tell you, you are not the only one. Dental work although not cheap, is extremely important. If you invest in yourself the correct amount of preventive work, with certainty, less expensive will be your dental interventions in the long run.

But how can this process be affordable? How can you ensure you are getting the best value for money? How can you save during this process?

Plenty Smiles is committed to ensuring that not only do we offer competitive prices for our first-class dental work, we are also committed to ensuring that we make this process as affordable as possible.


Health Insurance

– At Plenty Smiles we accept every type of health insurance and claim on the spot with our HICAPS machine. This means that we enable our clients the freedom of having the lowest out of pocket costs possible and reduce the waiting times for insurances to pay out the cover.

But how do you know what insurance will be the best for you? With so many health insurers on the market, it’s hard to find the most suitable to you. We encourage you to figure out what extras are most important/ necessary to you. That way when comparing insurances you know exactly what to be looking out for.

Plenty Smiles are HCF providers, which means that if you are insured with HCF you will receive the lowest out of pocket costs and your annual Oral exam and Comprehensive Dental Clean have little to zero out of pocket costs. For example a HCF cover with extras should cover minimum $149 for the comprehensive exam and pay a majority towards your annual clean. We recommend all patients who don’t have any type of health insurance to join with HCF to receive the best benefits.


Payment Options

– In this day and age it is very easy to be able to turn your dental treatment into something that you can pay off over time. We all know that sometimes coming up with the lump sum for your needed dental work is simply not an option for most people.


The National Dental plan powered by Humm, is a payment option that allows patients to commence their dental treatment and spread their payments over fortnightly patients.

– The National Dental Plan allows patients to place up to $12,000 worth of treatments onto a plan, subject to the patient’s eligibility.

– The application process is simple and very efficient. It can be done within the practice with our wonderful front desk coordinator. It usually will take around 5 minutes and simply require the patient’s license and personal details such as address and emergency contact.

– The most wonderful thing about the National Dental Plan is that there is no interest ever. The National Dental Plan simply has an establishment free and a monthly account keeping fee. You also have the option to pay off the fortnightly instalments earlier if you require.

– SuperCare is a payment option that helps you with the funding of your dental surgery. The process is simple, and the provider will give you complete assistance in the application process. SuperCare usually gives a quick response.

This financing method allows you to early release a part of your superannuation to attend your dental interventions. This option is very popular among patients who want to start their dental implants treatment/smile rehabilitation immediately and cover the entire cost of the procedure or part of the cost.

DentiCare is a practical payment option that helps you cover between 70% to 50% of your dental treatment. It allows you to set affordable monthly repayments and is interest-free.

DentiCare works as a direct debit payment plan and does not require credit checks, just a unique $39 setup fee.


Plenty Smiles Payment Plans

Plenty Smiles offers unique customised payment plans. We help you cover a partial cost of your dental treatments; the coverage varies according to the treatment plan you receive and can be spread for up to 24 months and with zero interest. We aim to ease access to your dental treatment, so you do not compromise your dental health and start to attend to those dental needs on time.

Plenty Smiles will be able to talk you through the process further if you require any further information and get your dental treatment started today. If you want to learn more about our payment options and estimate your monthly repayments, click here to see our repayment calculator.










As you can see Plenty Smiles is dedicated to ensuring that our patients have first class dental experience with payment options. We are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all of our patients.

Our Front Desk coordinator will be happy to take the time to explain the payment options with you,
simply ask at your next appointment or call 9466 8103.9466 8103 or contact us here.

We cannot wait to hear from you!