National Dental Plan: Making Dental work Affordable

Plenty Smiles ensures that you will always receive the highest quality and best treatment options available to you. However, sometimes the treatment you require may be more costly than you had expected. Plenty Smiles understands that, which is why we have partnered with the National Dental Plan.

The National Dental Plan is one of the industry leaders for payment plans.

The National Dental Plan is a payment plan that is powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay. Their mission is to make the highest quality dental treatment more accessible. Plenty Smiles has always cared for our patient’s wellbeing as a whole, which is why we didn’t want to partner with financial institutions that charge excessive fees or interest rates.

How does the National Dental Plan payment plan works?

  1. You and your dentist have come to a decision of your treatment plan and have calculated the cost of the treatment plan.
  2. Along with the help of our extraordinary Front Desk Coordinator, you have calculated the cost of the fortnightly payments.
  3. Our Front Desk Coordinator will aid in filling out the application form which only takes around 5 minutes. For this you will require your driver’s license, employer’s details and personal contact information.
  4. Make your next appointment to start your treatment when you are ready.

Signing up for the National Dental Plan is as simple as that. Plenty Smiles knew that this was the best option for our patients. It was crucial that we could offer our patients the best payment plan option available.


5 Frequent Questions of the National Dental Plan


What is the maximum amount I can put on the National Dental Plan?

  • Up to $12,000- With National Dental Plan, you can place up to $12,000 worth onto your payment plan.

Is the application process easy?

  • The application process is simple and efficient and only takes a few minutes to complete at reception desk with our wonderful front desk coordinator aiding you all along the way.

Is there Interest charged on my payment plan?

  • No there is no interest ever charged. There is only an $8 admin fee charged on your fortnightly or monthly repayment.

Do I have to undergo a credit check?

  • No, unlike other payment plans no credit check is required for approval.

How do the payments work?

  • You will nominate a bank account for the fortnightly payments to be deducted from, and that’s it.


Plenty Smiles wants to offer their patients a simple, easy and efficient payment plan. The National Dental Plan allows patients to put their health first. You, as a patient, will be able to have the necessary dental work required for their oral health without having to come up with a lump sum.