Solutions to Loose Dentures

All-On-4 Dental Implants

Why opt for a Fixed-Solution?


Eliminate the issues from dentures that come off.


Recover the confidece to eat the foods you like.


Your set of teeth looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth.

All on 4 Dental Implants
the Perfect Fixed Solution for
Loose Dentures.

Plenty Smiles implant dentist in Bundoora offers innovative all on four dental technology to our patients. This revolutionary approach to the treatment of missing teeth is by far the best way to regain optimal dental function and transform your smile.

These implants are set into your jawbone allowing you to eat and speak with confidence. Anyone who is struggling with loose dentures can benefit from All on four.

How you can benefit from

All-on-4 ?


Most medically advanced fixed solution for missing teeth


A fixed set of teeth that hold firmly.


One day surgery, teeth in 48 hours


The best cost-efficient solution, less time in surgery and a permanent set of teeth to last over 15 years.


An extremely effective way to regain chewing ability.


Your prosthesis are carefully crafted to reach an aesthetic and natural smile


With the help of the latest technology in dental implants it is possible to have a highly customised prosthesis, with millimetric precision to best integrate with the jawbone

 Previous denture users  share their life changing experiences with All-On-4® 

dr manuel

Hello I’m
Dr Manuel Bautista

Principal Cosmetic and Implant Dentist

As principal dentist at Plenty Smiles, I’m passionate about both dentistry and people.

For me, generosity is one of the most important elements of being a dentist and business owner. I apply this principle by caring about my patients’ wants and needs, by communicating with you and by developing tailored treatment plans.

I am looking forward to giving you a fresh new smile you are completely delighted with.

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lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty to back up
Our Promise

The titanium frame of your full-arch prosthetics has a lifetime warranty, also you have 2 years warranty for teeth damage.

Our set of teeth are developed to be stronger and longer-lasting so you are confident they will last you a lifetime.

Their construction is supported with state of the art technology that assures superior precision and stability.

Unsurpassed Quality in Full-Arch Prostheses

– Top Quality Zirconia Teeth –

With unique strength and durability, zirconia set of teeth delivers unsurpassed quality with a natural feel and look of your smile.

This hard material is shaped with millimetric precision to deliver a high grade of customization.

As a result, you can achieve a completely tailored treatment, adapted to your mouth  and smile aesthetics.

Our Clients’ Amazing

Ready to Ditch Your Loose Plates? Start with a Complimentary Assessment

Our valuable dental assessment includes the 5 elements below:


Case Analysis

Consultation with the dental implants expert to diagnose the treatment that is best suited to your case


Treatment Plan Guideline

Get to know in detail all the processes and stages to reach your desired results


Case Analysis

Easily estimate how much of the fee covered from your health fund to your treatment


Payment Options

get to know our 4 most popular payment options with interest-free repayments.

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Dental Implants Cost

Starting from $25,000 per arch for permanent solutions.


Not only does Plenty Smiles deliver the platinum standard of care that you deserve here in our clinic before, during, and after your dental procedure, but we extend this superior patient care experience during your All-On-4 dental implants aftercare.

Following your Al- On-4 dental implants procedure in our clinic, we take you to a fully furnished apartment hotel where you will stay for the first two days of your recovery to relax and rest comfortably while you receive light therapy and IV vitamins for recovery purposes. Our Aftercare program focuses on speeding up the patient’s recovery after surgery.

Man in Phototherapy Dental Device

Please provide your details and we will be in touch to discuss how we can create a customised treatment plan specific to your needs.

Am I suitable for All on 4 four Treatment?

All On 4 treatment, is suitable for edentulous or soon to be edentulous patients or people with severe gum disease and severe teeth loss.

The dentists will perform a rigorous comprehensive exam to determine your teeth and mouth condition, as well as, other medical conditions. Once completed this assessment determines what would be the best solution for your missing teeth.

How Does the Plenty Smiles Complimentary Assessment Work?
Our complimentary assessment for All-On-4 dental implants is FREE of charge and obligation-free. We do require a $50 deposit to secure your appointment slot with our dentist, as this helps ensure against no-shows. This deposit will count as a credit to any treatment you undertake, and should you decide against going ahead with treatment, we will refund the full deposit amount.
How Long Will They Last?
After bone integration occurs, All-On-4 is a permanent solution and your implants should remain in place for the rest of your life. The bridge (teeth) on top of your implants will last for up to 15 years.
Does All-On-4 hurt?
We will apply a local anaesthetic during your procedure; some patients will have sedation or a general anaesthetic as well for their procedure. There is a chance of swelling and pain following the procedure and this is to be expected. Dr Manuel will explain what to expect in-depth, and, if necessary, he will provide a prescription for suitable medications to alleviate any discomfort you may experience.
Will My New Teeth Look Real?
YES! All-On-4 achieves a natural look, functionality, and feel for your new teeth. With Dr Manuel’s help and guidance, you are fully in control of the shape, colour, and look of your permanent teeth. Your new teeth are strong and come with a 2-year warranty against breakage or other issues.
How Long Does it Take to Get My Permanent Teeth?
This depends on your individual case. Less complex cases will receive their teeth more quickly – and some people will even receive them the day of the surgery! Dr Manuel will be able to explain this more at your consultation.
Will I Be Able to Chew Hard Foods?
Yes! Your All-On-4 functions and feels just like natural teeth – and you’ll be able to enjoy eating foods like nuts and steak again!
Do you accept Health Insurance?
Plenty Smiles has a HICAPS machine. We can claim all dental benefits you are eligible for through your health fund.
Are There Any Side Effects from All On 4?
You can expect some temporary side effects from your surgery, but these will subside within the first 3-4 days. They may include swelling, a stiff jaw, some discomfort, mild sore throat, and minimal bleeding.

T&C on Complimentary Assessments: This complimentary consultation is free of charge (valued at over $450). However, to book your appointment, a $50 deposit is required to reserve the dentist’s time for you. This $50 is on your credit; if you decide not to continue with the process after the consultation, we will refund your $50, no questions asked.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks and benefits. Before proceeding, seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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